This website is intended to give general information about properties which we have built or are building to assist potential customers who may be interested in acquiring one of those properties (subject to contract and availability). We take reasonable steps to ensure that information is correct at the time of going to print but you should not rely on it. Certain information is approximate and designs, features and facilities planned to be provided can often change during the development (for example, in response to market conditions or ground conditions). The latest information and plans are available from our marketing team during normal working hours and you can check the specification of each type of property prior to entering into a reservation. However, nothing on this website, in our brochure or any of our materials should be taken as a substitute for your own further enquiries, inspections or independent legal advice.

INDIVIDUAL PLOT VARIATION: The designs show the overall style of the development, but elevational treatments may vary between plots in orientation, architectural detail and in the construction materials used externally and internally. These variations are designed to promote individuality and, in turn, to create a quality living environment. Our sales staff will be pleased to advise on the treatment specified for each individual plot. Please note that window and door configurations may vary depending on plot.

SITE PLAN: Site layout, design, features and facilities are subject to change during the development and may vary on completion. Please note future development will be subject to commercial viability and the securing of satisfactory planning consent from the local planning authority.

IMAGES: Computer generated images and artists’ impressions are intended to give an artist’s impression of the design, based on information available to the artist at the time the image is created. They are not intended to be an accurate description of any specific property, its location or the surrounding area.

We do sometimes need to make changes to designs, finishes and features during the development and appearance may vary on completion. Images showing views are based on the site at the time the image is produced. Please note that landscapes change and a view which is unrestricted now may be restricted in the future. We do not control adjoining or surrounding land.

FLOOR PLANS: Floor plan measurements are taken from the architects drawings and may differ in the as built property. Please note the seller may need to make adjustments to the boundaries of the property but these will not significantly alter its area and the seller will notify the buyer of such adjustments. Maximum dimensions may include sloping ceilings, pillars, window bays, fitted wardrobes and other features. Floor plans and layouts should not therefore be used for purchasing items such as furniture or carpets. Kitchen and bathroom layouts may differ from those shown.

SPECIFICATIONS: We reserve the right to change specifications from time to time. We may need to substitute appliances and equipment mentioned in this brochure but we will seek to ensure that the replacement brand is of similar quality. Please contact our sales team for the latest information on specification.

JOURNEY TIMES: Journey times to and from the property are taken from publicly available sources, are approximate and are subject to change from time to time (for example if timetables or available transport options change). Information is for guidance only and you should make your own independent enquiries as appropriate.

All images, copy, design layout and brand name trademark are the property of Slough Urban Renewal (SUR) or their licensors. Any unauthorised copying by third parties is strictly not permissible without prior consent.