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According to a new report out by Zoopla, nearly 70% of new-build buyers say energy efficiency is an extremely or very important factor in their home, with climate change and the rising costs of living increasingly making energy efficiency a priority for today’s home buyers.

At Novus, we have a wide range of energy saving features included within our new homes, all designed to assist our future homeowners to live more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Andy Howell, General Manager at Slough Urban Renewal (SUR), discusses Novus Apartments – and its green credentials:

There is no denying that new homes are more energy efficient than their second hand counterparts (with up to 52% lower running costs annually, according to Zoopla!). New build homes have to adhere to minimum building standards for energy efficiency and developers are increasingly keen to highlight the green credentials of the homes they deliver.

The building itself needs to be energy efficient and then there are features such as water saving taps and showers, energy efficient appliances and centralised heating systems are now commonplace in many new builds. All of this enables future homeowners to be far more energy efficient, which in turn results in lower utility bills and lower running costs too.

At Novus Apartments, our homes have a range of sustainable and eco-friendly features:

Fabric first – an energy efficient building
The homes at Novus Apartments have an above average Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, meaning that the building has been designed and constructed using highly energy efficient materials and is well insulated – helping homeowners to reduce both their energy consumption and their fuel bills. The apartments have an energy efficiency rating of C and an environmental impact rating of B compared to the average EPC rating of band D for a dwelling in England and Wales.

All of the bathrooms in the apartments at Novus were created as pods, manufactured off-site in a UK factory, and then delivered as completed units to be installed. By using innovative modern methods of construction, we have been able to achieve a high-quality finish, reduce waste and increase efficiencies.

Centralised heating
Novus Apartments benefits from a centralised heating and hot water system. Each apartment is then supplied with a Heat Interface Unit, which allows residents to control their individual consumption. As the system delivers hot water on demand, no energy is wasted from heat building up or dissipation after use. Communal heating is all about improving energy efficiency, reducing CO2 and saving on running costs. It also provides occupants with good visibility of their energy consumption, which promotes energy saving.

LED lighting
We have used LED lighting throughout our apartments at Novus that brings with it a number of environmental benefits. The lights have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, which means less cost (to replace) and less waste. They also require less electricity to run and because they do not omit heat, they are safer too.

Energy efficient appliances
All of the domestic appliances (e.g. dishwasher/fridge freezer/washer dryer) supplied as standard are carefully selected to ensure they are energy efficient for example the integrated fridge freezer has an energy rating of A.

Appliances are graded on a scale from G (the least efficient) up to A (the most efficient). For certain products, grade A is split into a further three categories: A+, A++ and A+++.

Water saving measures
Within the apartments, various measures such as water saving taps and duel flush toilets have been included – all designed to assist homeowners to reduce their water consumption.

Improved air quality and reduced heat loss
The Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system provides a continuous source of ventilation, extracting stale, moisture-laden air and resupplying fresh, filtered air back in, resulting in a comfortable and condensation free environment all year round. A heat recovery system can also recover the majority of normally wasted heat, which in turn reduces your heating requirements – reducing both energy consumption and fuel costs.

Sustainable transport
Novus Apartments encourages the use of sustainable transport and enjoys a central location in Slough, close to public transport, making it easy for residents to travel, without a car.

By train…
Novus Apartments is just a short walk from Slough Train Station, besides high speed links, it forms part of the newly opened Elizabeth Line, allowing passengers to travel right through to central London, without having to change trains.

By scooter…
Slough Borough Council is currently taking part in a national, E-Scooter trial, making a series of e-scooters available to rent, across the town.

By bike…
For those who prefer to travel by bike, Novus Apartments offers ample secure bike storage for its residents. For those who don’t own their own bike, there is the Slough Cycle Hire Scheme, with 17 docking stations across the town.

Shannen O’Connor, first time buyer at Novus Apartments:

“It’s such a short walk to the station, which means I have an easy commute into London for work…it’s ideal that I can get to London Paddington in just 15 minutes.

“The development’s central location also means that everything is within easy reach and the bike storage on offer here really appealed to me too.”

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